Mission Sapne

For the hardworking common man his job is neither glamorous nor aspirational. Living on a daily wage, every Rupee is critical to his/her life and the family he/she supports. Work is essential to make two ends meet.

Circumstances can sometimes be cruel and suddenly the basic needs of life leave a person wondering where their next meal will come from or whether, a dear family member will survive another tomorrow!

Yet this person continues to struggle, always hoping that somewhere, someone will hear his prayer and life will turn around.

Mission Sapne is that hope!

Here 10 carefully chosen people’s prayers get answered when a celebrity lives a commoner’s professional life for a day.

Away from his/her comfort zone the celebrity will be required to drive a taxi, sell fish or become a door-to-door salesman with regard to the selected profile. He/she will have to pull out all the stops with their talent, wit and star persona to ensure that business does well.

So as the celebrity works, the viewer will see the celebrity play gully cricket, sing, dance, mouth their hit dialogues, click photographs and even sign autographs, all for a price! Because this time everything is to make more money for the cause that they have taken on to fulfill.

The celebrity’s earnings at the end of the day are later multiplied by 100. The resulting amount is handed over by the celebrity to the featured person in the studio.

The show plays out in two locations.

One is on the show set in the studio. Here the studio host introduces the needy person, profiles his/her story, has a warm chat with the person and his family. The host then sets up the moment for the celebrity to make an entry. The celebrity is introduced to our common man who shares certain life changing and emotional moments in his/her life.

The celebrity understands his/her mission for the day from the host. The celebrity takes all the professional tips from the common man and assures him/her that they will do their best. The celebrity then leaves on his/her new job.

The second part of this show is where we see the celebrity out on the street working hard at understanding and making a success of his new job. A complete fish out of water experience for the celebrity, every moment is full of drama and entertainment.

At the end of the celebrity’s working day, he/she returns to the studio to share his/her experiences with the host. The big reveal of the final amount is announced to the deserving person at the end of every episode.

The celebrity’s days earnings get multiplied by 100 offering a windfall to the needy person and giving them a chance for a better tomorrow.

An episode will reflect plenty of emotion but also offer lots of happiness.

Dramatic entertainment with a strong social message.


Drashti Dhami
Harbahajan Singh
Karan Johar
Mika Singh
Ram Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor
Ronit Roy
Salman Khan
Siddharth Malhotra
Varun Dhawan
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